Saturday, July 24, 2010


WELCOME to TALK WITH THE LORD. we are a free program that inspires all to talk daily with the Lord daily about everyday living concerns. our small 3-5 groups meet monthly at a friends home to achieve our goal. no personal questions or the Lord's coinfidential answers are discussed..just inspire to talk DAILY. An important part of our mission is our official song lyrics for SPREAD THE WORD-TALK WITH THE LORD. for any non commercial use such as choirs, recitals, readings, the cost is ZERO--ALL FREE.this is our way to get the message out for we have no pr budget money for auto machine e-mailing or blogging..just people talking to people about talking with the Lord. for commercial use a very attractive revenue split. sorry we can not email our info,just write for free info pack including song lyrics which can be used with your own musical score, write g. hubbard p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 blog to

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